Not A Scientist Events

Though I wouldn't quite call it a "book tour," I do have a few events and appearances scheduled relating to the release of NOT A SCIENTIST. Here's a quick list; not all have thorough info available yet, but feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more, and you can contact William Scarlett at WW Norton if you'd like to schedule something. Hope I can see you at these soon!

  • April 20, 7 pm, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Book Store
  • April 23, 7 pm, Washington, D.C., Politics & Prose: Teach-In on Climate Change with Todd Stern, Jamie Henn, and me
  • April 24, 7 pm, New York, The Half King bar and restaurant
  • May 3, 12 pm, Stanford University: "What's Politics Got To Do With Science?" Panel discussion and lunch.
  • May 9, 7 pm, Berkeley, Books Inc: In conversation with Mother Jones editor Dave Gilson
  • June 1, 7 pm, Chicago, Volumes Bookcafe